Ketav's Ayush Panchkarma India

Yog Ayurveda retreat


Experience the benefits of combining yoga and ayurvedic treatment to revitalize your whole being, by cleansing and rebuilding from the inside out. These yoga practices will detoxify and rebalance your health, perhaps after a stressful daily routine or a major setback, such as illness or life obstacle.

Now imagine the perfect vacation deep relaxation and Ayurvedic panchkarma (detoxification) treatments, combined with yoga and meditation guided by?our pachkarma specialist?and a yog guru who has spend his live in yog, plus a variety of delightful Indian food and cultural experiences which makes it? unique Yog Ayurved retreat.

We have team of excellent Ayurvedic physicians and expert therapists headed by?our Panchkarma specialist, and exceptionally good food, processed and prepared as per ayurvedic ahara principle .
Our Ketav?s Ayush Health Paradise is a beautiful facility , clean and well maintained,In the foot hills of 16000 feet high Himalayan mountains is a tropical paradise. Surrounded by pine tree and famous Kangra tea gardens. Awesome view of huge snowy mountains ,grasslands, snow mountain rivers and beautiful kangra valley along dhouladhar Himalayas . You?ll stay in a lap of nature in beautiful single/ double occupancy cottages, with the sound of the soothing nature.

Retreat package includes

  • Transportation from local Dharmshala Airport to resort ( pick up and drop).
  • Accommodations.
  • Three delicious Indian meals each day (breakfast , lunch and dinner)
  • Classes on Ayurveda lifestyle.
  • Personal consultations with the Ayurvedic physician.
  • Rejuvenation Therapies and Panchkarma Purification Therapy.
  • Daily Yoga session guided by Yog Guru.
  • Evening entertainment Indian music/ dance/cultural program/henna tattooing / astrology etc.
  • Guided excursions to famous temples, tracking?s, historical sight, local sightseeing etc.
  • One Gala dinner night.

This holistic health retreat is designed for those seeking to experience the incredible health benefits of living in balance the Ayurveda way.

Discover the benefits of living according to your constitution and depart feeling more rejuvenated in mind and body

Benefits of Yog & Ayurveda Retreat

We believe that Yoga and Ayurveda go hand in hand and you can?t really have one without the other.?Both?Ayurveda and?Yoga originate?from?Atharva?Veda and?Yajur?Veda (ancient Sanskrit texts ) and they both stress the?importance of the?Pancha?Maha?boothas?(5 elements), balance between body & mind, Chakras,?Ahara?(food), cleansing/elimination process (shuddhi?kriyas) hence both of them are considered in?support one another we have designed a retreat program which combines both We would recommend asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) which would help in balancing your doshas ,?dhathus (tissue),? and help keep your?mind to an optimum level. This would all be done in accordance?with?the body?s natural constitution to ensure balance was maintained.

This retreat provides combined?preventative, rejuvenating and curativ?approach towards health. This?means Yog & Ayurveda Retreat help?individuals to attain/maintain his/her health at an optimum level, creating?awareness and giving?a better understanding about a healthy body & mind.? During this Retreat you will get knowledge about ayurvedic life style. Our approach mainly?focuses on balancing the vitiated doshas (humors) which are the root cause of diseases which?occur?due to factors like improper food habits & lifestyle.

Yog & Ayurveda retreat have dual benefits, it detoxifies you and make you achieve body, mind and soul in harmony.

Yog & Ayurveda Retreat schedule

  • Waking up before is must
  • Walk in nature
  • Herbal tea / fresh herbs juice
  • Breakfast at 7.30 am
  • 1 hour Yog practice /Yog class
  • Panchkarma therapies/excursion
  • Lunch
  • Panchkarma therapies /excurtion
  • Evening intertaiment ( cultural program , henna tattooing, astrology etc)
  • Dinner 8:30 pm