Ayurvedic Skin treatment

The Ultimate Guide to Ayurvedic Skin Treatment: Heal Your Skin Naturally

Introduction to Ayurvedic Skin Care

Maintaining healthy skin can be challenging in this world full of stress and pollution and Ayurvedic skin care offers very effective and natural solutions to treat various skin problems. Ayurveda is the healing sciences of herbal medicines which have been in practice for millions of years. We all know in today’s modern world there are a variety of skin care products in the market but some people always seek natural ways to solve the skin issues because the herbal remedies and pure Ayurvedic skin care products do not contain harmful chemicals and toxins.

Understanding Skin Types

In Ayurveda skin types are categorized into three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Ayurveda understands your skin type by using different methods and according to the type of skin, a dedicated and personalized Ayurvedic skin treatment plan will be offered.

Vata Skin

Dry, thin skin types mainly come under VATA skin type. These type of skin require extra care like regular hydration and nourishment.

Pitta Skin

Pitta skin type people are usually fair in color, also they have issues like  sensitive skin, and are prone to rashes, acne on the body, and early sunburn. Cooling and soothing treatments are essential for Pitta skin.

Kapha Skin

The oily, thick and more resistant to aging skin mostly comes under KAPHA. Deep cleansing and using skin detoxification processes are beneficial for Kapha skin type.

Common Skin Issues and Ayurvedic Solutions


The most common issue affecting people of all ages is Acne. Ayurveda says it is due to an imbalance of doshas in the body, more likely “Pitta ” and this imbalance can lead to Acne on the skin. Ayurveda not only works on the symptoms but  also finds the root cause of that imbalance and treats it by using different herbal remedies for the detoxification.



  •         Neem: Neem has antibacterial properties that help in treating acne. If we apply a thick paste of  neem leaves or neem oil on the acne area on our body it helps a lot.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Consuming turmeric in food or in warm milk can also be beneficial to reduce the acne from the body. Also we can also apply the turmeric paste on the infected parts to reduce the redness and swelling.
  •  Aloe Vera: Aloe vera soothes the skin and reduces inflammation. Apply fresh aloe vera gel to acne-prone areas.


Inflamed, dry and itchy skin can be the sign of Eczema. And per Ayurveda Eczema like symptoms comes under Vata and Pitta imbalance of the body.

  •         Coconut Oil: Eczema skin needs deep hydration and a good nourishment and coconut oil helps a lot to treat the dryness and itching.
  • Manjistha:  Manjistha is an amazing herb, used to detoxify the blood of the body and reduce inflammation. Manjistha comes in the form of powder and one can apply the paste on the face or any area of the body or can be taken internally. ( as per expert advice).
  •  Licorice Root: Licorice root also have high anti-inflammatory properties. And it can also be used as an external substance to reduce the inflammation of the body.


    Vitiligo is a condition of a human body in which white patches appear on any part of the skin due to loss of pigmentation. Ayurvedic medicine for Vitiligo not only works on the white patches but also finds the route cause and by using different Ayurvedic treatments for Vitiligo while focusing on restoring skin pigmentation and balancing the immune system.

    • Bakuchi (Psoralea corylifolia): Bakuchi is considered the best Ayurvedic medicine for vitiligo. Apply bakuchi oil or paste to the affected areas.

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    Benefits of Ayurvedic Skin Treatment

    Natural Ingredients

    Ayurvedic skin treatment uses natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and free from harmful chemicals.

    Holistic Approach

    Ayurveda treats the root cause of skin problems rather than just the symptoms. This holistic approach ensures long-term results.

    Personalized Care

    Ayurveda recognizes that each person is unique. Treatments are personalized based on individual skin types and dosha imbalances.

    Ayurvedic Products for Skin Care

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    Discover the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and enjoy a healthier, more beautiful skin.



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