Ayurvedic therapist course


30 days’ advance Ayurvedic therapist course


Our Aim to plan this course

“Generate A quality personnel to propagate, promote health and Wellness by performing authentic Ayurveda therapies to benefits the Mankind.

We believe, Knowledge of Ayurveda in today’s life is essential to have good health and longevity.   Ayurvedic science is aimed at the preservation of health and prevention of disease by establishing balance and harmony through nutrition, herbs, meditation, and daily routines. Ayurvedic science provides knowledge to unfold the reality beyond the physical body and achieve harmony of Body, Mind and Soul.

The Ayurveda Therapist Course is a specialized training program that focuses on the theoretical and practical knowledge of various therapeutic procedures. These procedure includes pre Panchkarma, post Panchkarma and Panchkarma therapies.

The curriculum of the course covers a range of topics related to basic principles of Ayurveda, basic skills of a therapists, preparations of herbal recipes/ medications, and the theory and practice of Panchkarma therapies.

Today’s life and Ayurveda

This is the perfect time to learn Ayurveda. Due to the side effects of Modern medicines and too much exposure to the chemicals, heavy metals and environmental toxins in day to day life, whole world is looking for the natural health care system. And nothing can beat Ayurveda in detoxifying and rejuvenating the body and mind. Hence there is a unique opportunity in this day and age to lead successful lives by assisting family, friends and clients in creating healthier bodies and lifestyles, thus eventually lowering healthcare costs.



Persons eligible for this course

  • Licensed health care practitioners who can utilize their Ayurvedic knowledge to enhance their current practice.
  • Massage therapists who wants to work at Panchkarma centers.
  • Person who want to learn and practice therapies.
  • Students interested in health and Wellness to start Ayurvedic spas, beauty centers, and wellness centers.
  • Research students who wants to get involved in Ayurvedic research projects.
  • Business entrepreneurs who are into developing Ayurvedic herbal products, food packages, and even herbal cosmetics.
  • Students in academics get into teaching or deepen their education, pursuing more in-depth studies.


Details of fees:

  • Duration —30 days
  • Charges — 1800 $ USD (including lodging and boarding)

 Payment Terms:

  • 10 % advance fee at the time of as booking amount.
  • The advance fee deposit will be deducted from the total course fee and the balance must be paid on the first day of the training program
  • Advance fee is nonrefundable.




  • Photo ID
  • Copy of qualification certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Fitness certificate (in regard to communicable disease)




There will be three-hour class every day 1;30 min for theory classes and 1;30 min for practical classes.


History of Ayurveda:

  • Ayurveda avterana
  • Ancient Ayurvedic scholars

Basic Principles of Ayurveda:

  • Concept of Dosha, Dhatus & Mala.
  • Concept of Agni (digestion & subtler metabolism)
  • Concept of Health
  • Concept of Panchmahabhutas (five universal elements).
  • concept of srotas (various channels in the body)
  • concept of Kostha (major organs and organ systems)
  • concept of Prakrity (inherited constitution)
  • concept of Vikriti (factors causing deviation from health)
  • Branches of Ayurveda
  • Concept of swasthyavrita- (measure to prevent disease and maintain health)


Procedure for Ayurvedic therapies:

  • Abhyanga & swedana – Massage and fomentation therapies
  • Snehapana – Oleation therapy
  • Vamana – Therapeutic emesis therapy
  • Virechna – Therapeutic purgation therapy
  • Nasya / shirovirechana – Nasal instillation therapy
  • Niruha & Anuvasna – Therapeutic enema therapy
  • Raktamokshna – Therapeutic bloodletting therapy
  • Shirodhara – Specialized therapy for psychosomatic balance
  • Shirobasti – Oil pooling therapy for head
  • Dhoomapana – Herbal smoke inhalation therapy
  • Upnaha – Herbal poultice therapy
  • Lepa / Pradeha – Body pack therapy
  • Udvartana – Powder massage therapy
  • Avagahna – Hip bath therapy
  • Meruchikitsa – Specialized therapy for spine
  • Bastis—Specialized oil pooling therapies for differ body parts
  • Dhara kalpas –Herbal Liquid pouring therapies
  • Akshi chikitsa karma — Specialized therapies for eyes
  • Karna chikitsa karma – Specialized therapies for ear.
  • Saundrya parasadnam chikitsa karma – Beauty enhancing therapies
  • Marma Chikitsa – Vital point energy healing therapies.




Miscellaneous concepts:


  • Yogabhyasa – Yog practices
  • Dayana – Meditation Technique
  • Ahara & Vihara as per Ayurveda — Food and behavioral regimen
  • Common herbs, oils and herbal preparations











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