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Rejuvenation Centre | Ketav’s Ayush Health Paradise For Your Body, Mind And Soul

Ayurveda is a natural healing discipline derived from the terms Ayu and Veda. Ayu is the Sanskrit word for life, while Veda is the Sanskrit word for knowledge or science. As a result, the literal meaning of the term Ayurveda is “life science.” Ayurveda is a discipline that not only treats illness but is also a full cultural tradition. The Ketav’s Ayush health paradise is a beautiful rejuvenation centre situated in the foothills of the Himalayas providing ayurvedic healing therapies.

The Ketav’s Rejuvenation centre

Ayurveda addresses the complete healing of person, not just the condition and promotes illness prevention to reduce the need for cure. This Panchkarma centre in the Himalayan foothills has an ideal environment with natural profusion of woods, a richness of traditional medicinal plants, and ideally suited for herb research and Ayurveda restorative and soothing retreats. We are the ones in the Himalayan foothills that educate you on herbs and healthy lifestyle to help you avoid and treat pre-existing medical conditions. We rely on ancient principles of Ayurveda and their ability to cleanse your mind and body with this powerful knowledge. Our Rejuvenation centre provides you with a natural way to heal and relax your body and mind.

Schedule for retreats at Rejuvenation centre

The schedule for your retreat at rejuvenation/ detoxification centre near me starts at 6 am in the morning. You can enjoy a morning walk in the nature to refresh yourself, followed by a cup of herbal tea or juice. After that you can have your breakfast which is prepared with respect to your panchkarma treatment. After that you can rest for an hour. Thereafter, we can start with the first panchkarma therapy session. We provide excursions to our clients to beautiful and exciting places nearby or have a class to make you learn more about the herbs and healthy lifestyle living

Start your evening again with a refreshing herbal tea at our rejuvenation centre. With an evening class you get a conscious walk in the nature and adding a soup to end . We organize any event like Gala night, traditional dances by trained people depicting local culture, where everyone can enjoy snacks dinner . As you can see the schedule is very simple and relaxing. You can find us by simply searching for rejuvenation / detoxification centre near me.

Finally, to book your retreats at our Ketav’s Ayush Health Paradise, you can simply visit our website and book easily @ Also, follow us on Youtube channel for follow ups on our retreats @Ketavsayushhealthparadise

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