What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is derived from two Sanskrit words– Ayur meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge or study.? The study of life which teaches us to stay healthy by preventing the onset of disease as well as by treating a disease process is called Ayurveda.


Is Ayurveda more oriented toward prevention or treating diseases?

The approach of Ayurveda towards management of a disease is treatment as well as prevention. Ayurveda advocates various dietary patter healthy and prevent diseases. On the other hand if someone suffers from any disease process, Ayurveda provides a comprehensive cure by acting at the root level of that problem and not at the symptom level.


Who is responsible for providing this complete understanding of Vedic medicine?

The complete knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine has been mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts written by our ancient sages and priests who learnt this science directly from God and then wrote various books and epics.

Charak Samhita is the oldest and most widely acclaimed book on Ayurvedic medicine while Sushruta Samhita is the most advocated book on Ayurvedic surgery.


Where are consultations offered?

Consultations are available at Ayush Health Paradise, the specialized Panchkarma Health resort situated in the foothills of Himalayas in North India.

Besides the consultation available in person, we also offer our services on line absolutely free

of cost. We have an elite panel of Doctors specializing in various fields like Ayurvedic Medicine and Panchkarma who offer consultation on line as well as in person.

What is Ayush’s unique approach to Ayurveda?

Ayush treats the human body not only at physical level but also at spiritual level. The patients admitted at Ayush Health Paradise besides Ayurvedic treatment also undergo an intensive programme of Yoga and meditation

supported by Pranic healing. Realization of one self? is the prime objective of Ayush Health Paradise.


Has there been documentation of the results of treatments at Ayush Health paradise?

All the chronology and follow ups of the patients are noted on the computer as well as recorded in the files of the individual patients. We feel really honoured to say that 97% of the patient have shown satisfactory results at Ayush.


What is involved in an initial consultation at Ayush Health Paradise?

At Ayush Health paradise, the initial consultation involves the evaluation of body constitution, Pulse diagnosis of the disease and assessment of digestive fire of the patient.

What kind of diagnoses and prescriptions will the doctor make?

The Ayurvedic diagnosis is made on the basis of symptoms and pulse and the prescription is then made. Usually the treatment at Ayush is completed in three phases-

1) External Treatment involves detoxification and Panchkarma treatments.

2) Internal Treatment involves oral intake of medication which acts at the disease level.

3) Prevention of Recurrence is done by Yogic exercise, Pranic healing ,meditation and regulation of diet and lifestyle.

After my consultation, will someone help me get started with the program?

After the consultation the treatment programme is handed over to the patient and one of the Panchkarma therapist. The therapist starts the treatment as per the prescription in the presence of the doctor.


If questions come up after my consultation, can I contact you easily?

Since the doctor is involved in the treatment schedules all the questions can be asked there and then. In case the questions come up after the treatment programme is over, one can always contact by phone or e mail.

Are follow-up consultations advisable?

Follow up consultations are taken at the commencement of internal medication. Usually the follow up consultations are required but they can be managed at telephonic level or through e mail. In case the patient is not from a far off place the follow up consultations can be done in person.


Can I have a consultation by telephone or by email?

Yes the consultations can also be taken on telephone or email. You can fill the consultation form describing us all the details and we get back to you with the results.


What are some examples of chronic disorders in which Ayurveda is especially useful?

Ayush Health Paradise specializes in the following disorders–

Disorders of Alimentary Tract—-????? APD, Peptic Ulcer, Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, Sprue, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Portal Hypertension, Ascites, Hemorrhoids, Fistula in Ano.

Disorders of Respiratory System –?? Asthma, COPD, Cystic fibrosis, Occupational Lung Disease, Naso bronchial Allergies

Disorders Of CVS–? IHD, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, Rheumatic Heart Disease, Anemia, Thallasemia, Varicose veins

Disorders Of Renal System– Chronic Renal Failure, Patients on Dialysis, Renal calculi, Urethral stricture, Renal cyst/ Atrophy.

Disorders of Genetic tract–? PID, DUB, Amenorrhea, Infertility, Pre conceptional counseling, Impotency, Premature ejaculation, Azoospermia.

Disorders of Nervous system– Headaches, Stroke, LGB, Myasthenia gravis, CSF Leakages, Epilepsy, Insomnia,

Stress, Alzheimer’s Disease.

Rheumatology– RA, Gout, OA, Ankylosing spondylitis

Skin– Acne vulgare, Psoriasis, Urticaria and other skin disorders

Others– Cancers, HIV, SLE, Dystrophies, DM, Alopecia, Backache, Sciatica, PIVD, Cervical Spondylosis, Frozen Shoulder, Myelitis, Eye Disorders, Computer Related Health Hazards


What are the Ayurvedic therapies used at? Ayush Health Paradise ?

Ayush Health Paradise specializes in both External and Internal Ayurvedic Treatments. External Treatment includes–

Snehan (Oleation Therapy)–

Abhyangam (Massage)

Shirodhara (Pouring warm oil over forehead)

Shirobasti (Keeping a pool of oil over head)

Shiropichu ( Keeping oils soaked gauze over head)

Netra Tarpana ( Keeping Ghee by making a pool over eyes)

Kati Basti ( Making oil pool over the back)

Griva Basti ( Making oil pool over neck)

Janu Basti ( Making oil pool over Knees)

Hridya Basti ( Making oil pool over the chest)

Pizichill (Sprinkling warm oil over the entire body)

Avgahan ( Tub Bath)


Svedana (Fomentation therapy)

???????????????????????????????????????? Sarvang Sveda (Sauna)

Nadi Sveda (herbal steam)

Shashti Shali Pind Sveda (Rice Milk Massage)

Balooka Sveda (Sand Massage)

Patra Potali Sveda ( Leave oil Massage)

Vaman (Therapeutic vomiting)


Virechana (Therapeutic Purgation)


Basti (Medicated enemas)


Nasya (Errhine therapy)


Raktmokshna (Blood letting)


Beauty Treatments —


Skin Treatments

Hair Treatments

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