Professional Marma Healing Training Course – A 15-Day Immersive Experience


Course Overview:

Our mission in organizing this comprehensive 15-day Marma Healing Training Course is to introduce and educate natural healers of all kinds about the intricate and extraordinary Ayurvedic art of healing. This course aims to empower individuals with the profound knowledge of Marmas, promoting holistic healing, balance, and overall well-being for the body, mind, and soul.


Understanding Marma Healing:

Marma refers to vital energy points in the body, regarded as the most vulnerable and mystical spots. In ancient Ayurvedic texts, these points were referred to as Bindu, meaning a point of immense significance. These points, often junctions where different tissues meet, are believed to be the seat of life force energy or “Prana.” Damage to a marma point can lead to various health issues, deformities, or even mortality. Marma therapy, a form of energy healing, is an integral aspect of Ayurvedic healing, aligning consciousness and matter to promote physical and mental well-being.


This course is designed for:


Licensed healthcare practitioners seeking to enhance their practice with Ayurvedic knowledge.

Massage therapists aspiring to become proficient marma healers.

Individuals interested in learning and practicing energy healing.

Students pursuing careers in health and wellness, intending to establish Ayurvedic spas, beauty centers, or wellness facilities.

Research students keen on engaging in Ayurvedic research projects.

Academics looking to delve deeper into teaching or further their education through in-depth studies.

Fees and Payment Terms:


Duration: 15 days


Course Fee: $1200 USD (inclusive of lodging and boarding)


Payment Terms:

 10% advance fee as a booking amount.

The advance fee will be deducted from the total course fee, with the balance due on the first day of the training program.

The advance fee is nonrefundable.

Requirements for Participants:

Participants are required to bring:

Photo ID

Copy of qualification certificate

Copy of passport

Fitness certificate (related to communicable diseases)

Syllabus Highlights:

Vedic History of Marma Healing

Tridosha and Marma Concept

Classification of Marmas

Marma Therapy for Hands, Legs, Head, Back, Front, and Face

Three Specialized Techniques of Marma Therapy

Dos and Don’ts of Marma Therapy

Energy-Restoring Techniques for Healers

Course Structure:


Daily 3-hour classes, with practical sessions followed by theory classes.

Additional practical classes, if required, will be conducted in the last 3 days of the course.


Our goal is to propagate wellness through this unique, non-medicinal healing and the secret technique of Ayurveda, contributing to the broader well-being of individuals.

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