ayurvedic treatment for arthritis

Ayurvedic Cure for Arthritis

Arthritis is becoming a problem for many people. It is a disease in which the joints of that particular infected person get inflamed and due to inflammation he/she can suffer pain, stiffness in joints and soreness . Not only joints, Arthritis can impact on heart, eyes and skin also. There are many types of Arthritis, and if you have Arthritis , it is important for you to get consultation from a doctor and diagnosis to get a suitable treatment.

Modern science offers many solutions to treat Arthritis. But sometimes people seek some natural treatments or remedies to get relief, and there comes Panchakarma therapies. Panchakarma is an ancient Indian technique to heal and cure the human body’s disorders. Not only Arthritis Panchakarma treatments are capable of treating Asthma, Diabetes, BP, Spinal disorders. Every problem has a separate therapy in panchakarma.

Panchakarma is a branch of Ayurveda in which herbal oils, herbs and manual therapies are performed by the experts to treat a problem from the root. Panchakarma not only works on the running problem of the body, first it diagnoses the problem and finds the origin of that problem and after that a proper dedicated treatment is designed to cure the respective problem. Contact 889-495–9190 and get ayurvedic treatment for arthritis.

Ayurvedic Combinations to Treat Arthritis.

There are thousands of herbs available in Ayurveda. But we cannot do experiments with any of the herbs. Ayurveda experts designed and made dedicated solutions ( combinations) for different problems. And if we talk about Arthritis, again Ayurveda has some good and effective herbs to treat it and there is 30 years old company name AYUSH HERBS, delivering best class combinations to treat the arthritis:

Ashwagandha DS by AYUSH HERBS : Ashwagandha herb is a boon from God to mankind. Using best class ashwagandha and extracting its goodness and filling it in small capsules, AYUSH HERBS is delivering ASHWAGANDHA DS tablets. Beside the benefits in in Arthritis, it is also useful in reducing stress and it also promotes the quality of sleep. Due to its high anti-inflammatory property, ashwagandha is one of the main herbs used in treating Arthritis to reduce the inflammation from the body.

Guggal DS by AYUSH HERBS:Arthritis makes our joints inflamed and as a result we get stiffness and soreness in the joints , GUGGULU is an ayurvedic herb which effectively helps to reduce inflammation in the joints and also helps in reducing stiffness from the joints. AYUSH HERBS extract the goodness of Guggulu and offer us GUGGAL DS. It has very good anti-inflammatory properties which give wonderful support to our body while reducing inflammation .

Adrak ( Ginger): It is the most common consumable herb in Indian kitchens and comes with 1000’s of benefits. And one of the main benefits is, it improves the blood circulation, and if our blood circulation is good in the body, we can overcome many problems like arthritis.

Bromelain: It is a type of Enzyme which is found in pineapples. We know that Arthritis causes swelling and pain in some body parts and joints of the body and Bromelain helps here, while reducing swelling and pain of the affected areas.

Haldi by AYUSH HERBS : An useful herb which has been used from ancient times as an ayurvedic remedy to heal many problems of the body because turmeric is also known for its rich antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties . Turmeric can heal our body inside out. We can use Haldi to perp the food or there is another option to have it in the form of capsules made from the extract of best quality HALDI /Turmeric produced by AYUSH HERBS.

Dietary and Lifestyle changes:

Along with treatments , Ayurveda also guides an individual to make changes in his/her lifestyle and in diet. Diet plays an important role in everyone’s life, if we are on a ayurvedic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and not taking care of do’s and don’ts it hardly solve your problem,

Ayurveda Recommendations:

– Daily exercise: To maintain good mobility and flexibility of the body , Exercise plays the most important role. A routine workout can boost our metabolism and also balance the blood circulation of the body.

Choose the right workout ( running , swimming , gym , CrossFit) or take advice from a health expert ,which workout suits your body type while considering all the health issues.

– Manage your weight: If you are overweight then you are putting extra pressure on your joints, which leads to a bad joint health and can cause serious joint pain and stiffness.so weight management is important.

– Stress Management: Stress is also a most common reason in some people who are suffering from arthritis. Our mind carries stress and it shows in our body, we usually restrict some movements when we are in stress ( sitting position, walking position) and a lot of changes have occurred when someone is in stress, which directly impacts our bone health. So in this case Ayurveda offers some remedies like ashwagandha, and some meditation techniques to reduce the stress.

– Improve sleeping habits: Ayurveda also advises us to take 7–8 hours of sleep, because if we are sleep deprived our body carries some stress which leads to stiffness.


So we come to know that along with ayurvedic remedies, we also need to put some modifications in our daily life and change our eating habits. Most of the problems in the body come from a bad lifestyle and bad eating habits and if we improve these things we will not get health issues. Ayurvedic arthritis remedies gives best results just try it.

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