Understand and get rid of Depression & Anxiety forever with the help of Ayurveda


Depression and anxiety often coexist, exacerbated by excessive mental stress. These prevalent psychic disorders worldwide stem from unmanaged stress, impacting mental and physical well-being. Treating these conditions requires patience, time, and focused efforts from both the patient and the healer. Ayurvedic healing therapies have gained popularity as a comprehensive solution, addressing the root causes to restore the body’s natural equilibrium.

Understanding Depression and Anxiety:

Depression and anxiety, both mood disorders, can coexist with distinct symptoms. Depression manifests as persistent sadness, loss of interest, hopelessness, and lack of energy, affecting emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Conversely, anxiety induces fear, worry, uneasiness, and physical changes like a rapid heartbeat. Ayurveda recognizes these conditions as outcomes of unmanaged stress and offers a holistic approach to effective treatment.

The Role of Stress:

Excessive stress triggers the release of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, as part of the body’s “fight-or-flight” response. While a natural phenomenon, chronic stress can lead to detrimental effects on the body and mind, contributing to various health issues, including depression and anxiety. Ayurveda attributes these mental disorders to an imbalance or derangement of the basic humors (Satva, Rajas, and Tamasa) in the brain or Manas.

Ayurvedic Perspective:

Depression and anxiety align closely with the Ayurvedic concept of Unmada, a monovikara (mind disorder). Unmada arises when stressors disturb the body’s humor (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), directing them toward the mind and causing displacement of mental humor (Satva, Rajas, and Tamasa). Ayurveda recognizes Unmada as a dual manifestation of symptoms in both the body and mind, with varied presentations based on dosha predominance.

Treatment Approach:

Ayurveda outlines a systematic treatment protocol for psychosomatic disorders like anxiety and depression:


  1. Daivavyapashraya (spiritual/divine therapy): Incorporates energy healing therapies like Marma therapy, fostering positivity and hope.


  1. Yukti vyapashraya (Planned therapies): Tailors treatment plans based on the patient constitution, disease severity, strength, season, and dosha predominance. It includes detoxification, dosha balancing, and rejuvenation therapies.


  1. Satwavajaya (psychotherapy): Balances mental humor (Satva, Tama, and Raja) through lifestyle adjustments, dietary modifications, and adherence to Ayurvedic daily regimens. Yoga and meditation play a crucial role in the treatment plan.


Our objective extends beyond disease treatment; we aim to empower the individual to overcome these conditions. The comprehensive 21-day treatment plan at Ketav’s Ayush Health Paradise includes daily therapies, yoga, and meditation to guide patients toward lasting relief from the grips of depression and anxiety.


Dr. Seema Santoshi

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