Erectile dysfunctions and its Solution in Ayurveda


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition where person is unable to get the erection or to sustain it till sexual satisfaction.

Erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues remained taboo in past generations. People were hesitant to talk about sexual health issues. However, now  they want to discuss their health and getting it treated without any hesitation. This is right way, live the life in a balance with all emotional and physical satisfactions. As per Ayurveda acharyas  say Ahara (diet) , Nidra (sleep) and Brahmcharya ( Balanced sex) are the three important pillars to have a satisfactory life

If erectile dysfunction is ongoing issue with a person it can became cause of stress, low self image inferiority , disturbed personal relationship etc. Erectile dysfunction usually occur secondary to a physical or psychological condition . Sexual arousal in males is a complex mechanism, involves hormones, emotions, nervous system, circulation, penal muscles etc. Hence the cause of erectile dysfunctions can lies in any of these. Evaluating the underlying physical or psychological cause and treating it is the right approach to deal with E D issues. Ayurveda Rasayana and Vaji karna therapies provide complete solution for ED. Rasayana therapies work on the general weakness of the tissues, metabolism, circulation, nervous system and on overall health, by nourishing and supporting the normal physiology. Where Vaji karna are the specialized therapies and formulations that helps to improve virility.

What is Vajikarna?

Vaji karna chikitsa is one among the eight major specialty treatments branches explained in Ayurveda. This vajikarna specialty is concerned with aphrodisiacs, virility and to have healthy progeny. The benefits of Vajikarna has explained as one becomes endowed with good physique, potency, strength and complexion and become sexually potent. These all benefits in turn are helpful in treating many common sexual dysfunctions.

What is Rasayana?

Rasayana is a rejuvenation therapy that helps to maintain and promote a healthy condition of the body and mind .Rasayana is to provide nourishment at all the tissue levels to maintain their optimum functionality.  While explaining the benefits of Rasayana therapy it is said that, it helps to prevent ageing and provides longevity, improve mental health, preservation of youthfulness, enhance lustre and complexion, improve voice quality and enhance physical stamina and potentiality of sense organs. Hence Rasayana concerned with all over health by nourishment.

At Ketav’s  ayush health paradise  we have a planed treatment protocol towards the management of ED issues with the wisdom of classical Ayurveda. Our approach is to cleanse the body and bring

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