Sarcoidosis and its Ayurvedic Management


It is a chronic disease characterized by inflammatory growths or enlarged lymph nodes in the different parts of the body. The growths can be seen all over the body or in a particular area inside the body. The most common sites are lungs, lymph nodes, skin and liver. But it can also affect the eyes, heart and other organs.

Causes of this disease are unknown few studies witness the causes secondary to infections, chemicals, autoimmune issues. Sarcoidosis may stay for years and damage the organs but in some case it may go away on its own. Sign and symptoms of disease vary as per the organs involved. When we talk about treatment and management of Sarcoidosis, a general approach is to sub side inflammations, sign and symptoms with anti-inflammatory medicines and steroids. But in the long term use side effects of these medicines will be more harmful than the disease itself. On the other side Ayurveda Panchkarma therapies work on removing or alleviating the cause of inflammations inside the body.  Ayurvedic therapies for Sarcoidosis will be individualized, as choice of therapies will depend on many factors like dosha involvement, severity, strength of disease and diseased, immunity, involved organ system etc. Basic approach will stay the same to treat the cause of inflammation.

Sign & Symptoms

Sign and symptoms of Sarcoidosis vary with the affected organ or part of the body. Few common sign and symptom can be noticed like; swollen lymph nodes, pain, fatigue, loss of weight, fainting, irritability, cognitive issues, malaise, night sweats, shortness of breath , fever etc.


Chest X –ray or a CT scan can help in diagnosis that shows bilateral Hilar lymphadenopathy. Bronchoalveolar lavage shows increase in T-Cell in the lungs and biopsy are more confirmatory methods. 


If Sarcoidosis persists for long time and untreated, it can leads complications like lung infection, cataract, glaucoma, kidney failure, liver disorders, infertility, heart issues, facial paralysis etc.

Ayurvedic Treatment

At Ketav’s Ayush Health Paradise center we do shodhna (detoxification) and shaman (palliative) both kinds of Ayurvedic therapies for Sarcoidosis. First of all we analyze the patient by Nadi pariksha, Prakrity, Agni, Bala, Satmya, Ojas etc. After that we prepare the body for shodhna therapies by deepna , pachna and snehna treatments. Shodhna therapies again depend on the predominance of involved doshas in the disease pathology.

Once body get free from toxins then therapies for healing and rejuvenation are performed which helps to reset the natural balance, boosts metabolism and strengthens immune system.

In case of autoimmune issues diet and life style plays a major role, when we talk about healing. Yoga – meditation, dietary and behavioral regimen are the integral part of our therapy. With classical Panchkarma therapies, shamnaushdies (oral medications), Ahara – Vihara (diet and life style) and yog – dhayana (meditation) are included as the holistic approach to treat Sarcoidosis at our centre. Duration of treatment varies as per severity, but in general for the first sitting of treatment 21 days treatment plan is recommended in all cases.

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