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On this Environmental day

Science of life, “THE AYURVEDA” taking care of the whole mankind since thousands of years. Maintain the health of a healthy individual and treating the diseased ones.

In our ancient treatise (Vedas), equal importance given to the preservation and growth of the plant kingdom for the benefit of the humanity. The science of farming and harvesting is not the bequest of modern science at least in India. India is having rich knowledge regarding its ethnic methods of farming, agriculture; horticulture. And has blessed with a vast range of forests which are fast dwindling. The importance of preservation of plant kingdom and their proper growth is a science which the ancient sages knew – The Vriksha Ayurveda.

Ancient educational system or ashrama traditions use to teach about, survival of living beings depends on the harmonious functioning of bio-ecological factors where in the role of “Producers” is pivotal being the sustainable source of supply of nutrients (ahara) and medicines (aushadhi).


The science of plant life, mainly dealing with various species of trees and their healthy growth and productivity. Vriksha Ayurveda, a component of Agnipurana, an ancient Indian scripture, is a dedicated text signifying the importance of agricultural science. It says that planting of trees is a mean to attain the four components of life i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.
This holistic approach of the science enabled the proper cultivation and care needed for the growth of plant kingdom. In Vriksha Ayurveda, the cultivation of about 170 plant species are described including water management, soil conservation, fertilizers used to cultivate the plants, the various diseases affecting the plants and their treatment.
From the Vedic time upto the medieval period, along with Ayurveda, its sister branches were also flourishing.
For example: Mrga/Asha Chikitsa (4th BC), Ashwa Chikitsa, Gajayurveda. In the same time, Vrkshayurveda was also in main stream.

Its is complete science which explains about classification, fertility and selection of soil, About classification and preservation of the seeds, About morphology and physiology of plants, About irrigations and preparation of special organic manure etc.
For Example: A liquid organic manure called as “Kunapa –Jalam” has explained, which makes the plants grow plumpy. Mixture of vidanga, Rice, Fish to be ground with cow dung and cow’s urine. This is to be applied to the roots of plants accompanied by free watering for 7 days. This will yield fruits and flowers in abundance.

Plants are the major source of medicines meeting most of health needs of humanity since ages. Ancient India recognized the importance of conservation, cultivation, collection methods of plant bio-resources and their rational use for health promotion and of therapeutic purpose. Furthermore the primeval classics of India laid emphasis on comprehension of plant taxonomy, classification of soil, relevant practices of cultivation viz. selection of soil, plant propagation techniques.

Now with the passage of time whole world is has turn its interest towards natural and traditional holistic system of healing and living. Ayurveda and herbal industry has given a great demand to cultivate organic herbs and medicinal plantation, also secure the wildly available herbs and plants. Promotion of organic cultivation of food and medicinal plants has a impacted on environment positively.

The knowledge about the medicinal plants, their role in our ecology and commercial value has changed people’s mind. Let me share a incidence, we went for a talk in a very remote area for making people aware about organic farming of medicinal plans. When we narrated about benefits of having one Amla fruit in a day and how much they can earn by planting and growing a Amla tree. We distributed plants to them. I remember every one was taking as much as he /she can after knowing the medicinal and commercial value of a tiny Amla plant.
So we have to be aware about the ways to protect our environment and make others also aware of it. We are “Ayush Herbs & Pharmaceutical” along with Ketav’s Ayush Health Paradise, putting all our efforts to save the mankind and the environment by promoting Organic farming, Organic food and Organic Medicines and Supplements.

Ayurveda and Vriksha Ayurveda have to grow simultaneously to heal and to protect mankind. Save your environment you will be saved Happy Environmental Day From Whole Ayush India Team.

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