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A pervasive developmental disorder of the brain functions, prevents a child from organizing and understanding information. It affects social interactions. Autistic disability is due to disharmony and de-regulation at the level of medha ( mental level). Any disability due to imbalance at energy level can be treated by rays and radiation therapy. The deranged rhythm at medhas level can be corrected at sound and vibration level. Biochemical imbalance can be treated at Dravya (drug) level and the behavioral imbalance can be treated at practice level (through specialized education). Since autism spectrum is the state of imbalance due to deregulation of body brain and the life forces, this state of imbalance can be identified in four states:-(i) Anatomical abnormalities of naisargika nature (natural phenomena due to genetic or accidents).

Our Therapies and behavioral interventions are designed to remedy specific symptoms and can bring about substantial improvement. The holistic treatment plan coordinates therapies and interventions that target the core symptoms of autism.

Ayurvedic Care Protocol includes:

  1. Dosha balancing especially Agni element by improving the absorption in the digestive system.
  2. Purification and rejuvenation of dhatus by expelling the metabolic waste( dosha nirharana ) from the body.
  3. Administration of scientifically verified Medhya Rasayana, which goes after blood brain barrier and nourishes the brain by balancing the mano dosha.
  4. Sensible Ayurvedic diet and exercises for proper digestion and oxygen supply to the brain.
  5. Adjuvant supportive therapy based on Multi-Dimensional approach to increase the grasping power (Dhee), Differentiation power (Dhritee) and Memory or intellectual power(Smrithi).

Panchakarma procedures like Mastishkya, Shiro Vasti ,Thalapodhichil, Ksheera Dhara, Taila, Shiro Dhara are effectively done at our panchkarma center.

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