panchakarma treatment for thyroid


Thyroid is now a days a common ailment in most of the people. Thyroid is due to impurity in blood which causes hormonal imbalance and hence causing a number of symptoms like weight gain, anorexia, weakness, deduction in activity, loss of cheer-fullness etc. In hyperthyroidism, there is increased metabolic activity, high pulse rate and weight loss, palpitation, in the patient.

Hypothyroid is most common now a days specially in case of women. Hypothyroidism causes hormonal imbalance in them and causes too many other associated problems.

We provide complete cure for the hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism as well. we have treated lots of patients with these problems at our centre. In other system of treatment patient dependent on medications and he has to continue it throughout life long, with persistent symptoms. Thus patient get tired of this disease and wants to get rid from this disease.

Panchkarma is a ray of hope for such patients and we are happy to provide complete cure for this disease. We have specialized panchkarma therapies to purify the body and achieve the balance of hormones.

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